Frans Hägglund

SSL 4K G-series console, 40 channels

Automan Efforts CV96 Fader Automation

Yamaha NS-10M, ProAc Studio 100

Lynx Aurora 16 Converters (x2)

Burl ADC B2 Bomber

Siemens W295b Eq (x2)

Neumann V476 Mic Pre (x4)

Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso Jr Compressor

Valley People Dynamite Compressor

Summit TLA-100A Tube Leveling Amplifier

Universal Audio 1176N Limiting Amplifier

Tube Tech SMC2B Compressor

API 2500 Compressor

Gyraf Gyratec X Compressor

Retro Instruments Sta-Level

Stocktronics RX 4000b Reverb Plate

Delays, Reverbs, Plug-ins


Västmannagatan 73

113 26 Stockholm



+46 (0)736 568247


In the Podcast, Nordmark discusses music and life with people who have chosen the path less traveled. The genuine discussions cover how people reason, live and cope with life and how desire, intuition and tenacity are the virtues that make life interesting and the factors that keep on motivating. “It is beautiful,” Nordmarks says. “I am inspired by their will and visions and I think our conversations will inspire more artists who are struggling. I’m drawn to people who have worked hard and believed in themselves even though they have not always been understood by most people. Those who dare do things differently even though life kind of sometimes smacks you in the face. You can say that in each episode of the Pod, we talk about the independent way of living; the ambition, determination and  - above all – to believe in oneself. ”